May 20, 2017

Sunday treasures.

You know I don’t see this getting a lot of press but only recently I found myself getting caught up on Into the Badlands.

It’s funny because I caught the first few episodes of Season 2 and then went back and watched the first season on Netflix. Tomorrow, AMC will run the entire Season 2 in a marathon leading into the finale for the Season. This is really great DVR fodder and you should take advantage of the opportunity to throw that on DVR to be able to watch it with limited commercial interruption.

It’s worth it too because the show is the strangest mix of Scifi and Kung Fu movies. It’s well acted, the costumes, sets and color are amazing to look at. Women kick ass in it. The story holds up well too.

Quick synopsis, sometime in the dystopian future after some calamity the US is divided into a walled off area of fiefdoms ruled by feudal Barons who have armies of warriors in some interdependent structure with one and other and a region of lawlessness outside of a huge wall.

The Badlands are actually the areas ruled by the Barons and the lead character is a clipper (assassin/enforcer) for one of the most ruthless of the Barons.

I won’t go into greater detail but it’s definitely worth a watch... it might take a few episodes but it’s addictive and it’s already been renewed for a third season so it’s gaining popularity.

Check it out.

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